wicklow films
Around the Sacred Sea

Hi 8, 20 minutes, 1994

Producer, Director, Camera, Writer: Taran Davies
Producer: Oli Barry
Editor: Oli Barry

Filmmaker Taran Davies rides horse back around Siberia's Lake Baikal, the world's largest freshwater lake. Carrying the Flag of the Explorers Club, Taran and four friends ride over 1,500 miles in 5 months to become the first Expedition to successfully circumnavigate Lake Baikal by horse. Sponsored by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Natural Resources Defense Council, the explorers interview hundreds of scientists, environmentalists, park rangers, loggers and factory owners along the way to assess the extent of the lake's pollution and identify measures to ensure its preservation.

Taran produced Around the Sacred Sea, a documentary short, that was premiered at the Explorer's Club 1994 annual Dinner. Bartle Bull's book about the journey was published in England in 1996. Sir Edmund Hillary writes about it: "All too often we hear criticism of the lack of adventurous spirit in our younger people. But this remarkable adventure demonstrates clearly that the urge for challenging exploration is still very much alive in today's young".

US Premiere, The Explorers Club

Wicklow Films, New York